We run a range of one-day masterclasses designed for Residential Surveyors. All are created and delivered by industry leading trainers.

 damp Assessing Dampness in Residential Buildings

Based on a single ‘point in time’ inspection, it is very challenging to distinguish between penetrating dampness, rising dampness and condensation. Is a dampness defect the result of condensation easily resolved by opening a window or is it indicative of a more serious problem? Does rising dampness exist or is it a myth perpetuated by over-cautious surveyors and the specialist to whom they refer work? This module investigates the science of dampness so residential practitioners can focus on reality and discard the mythology.

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movement Assessing Building Movement in Residential Buildings

Damage resulting caused by building movement can be one of the most serious defects in a residential property. It can cost many thousands of pounds to resolve and leave the surveyor vulnerable to legal challenge. Faced with these concerns, residential practitioners often regularly adopt one of two strategies: either an over-cautious approach regularly referring their clients to specialists for further investigations or rash reassurances that the movement is ‘long standing and of no structural significance’. This module will probe this grey area and aim to bolster your diagnostic skills so you can give clear and confident advice to your clients.

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roofs Assessing roof structures and coverings in residential buildings

Problems associated with the roofs of residential property result in a large number of claims against residential practitioners. Some commentators claim they are second only to complaints arising from damp and timber defects. This one-day course will consider roof structures and their coverings both old and new, pitched and flat and how surveyors can better assess and report on condition.

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condition The Complete Survey 

This intensive one-day masterclass covers the wide range of important features of a building survey. For many years, SAVA has continued to provide excellent continuing professional development for residential building surveyors on major issues such as roofs, walls, services and legal issues. This course addresses the other aspects of the property which are just as important to your clients.

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 condition Condition Survey Masterclass

This hands-on one day condition survey masterclass focuses on inspection techniques and recording methods, and includes an inspection of a real property as well as a series of practical exercises at the training venue. The afternoon session concentrates on producing the report, followed by a full discussion on all aspects of the report including applying condition ratings. There will be opportunities to network with fellow attendees at this masterclass.

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